Orange Bus recently hosted a charity week in aid of the BrainTumour Charity & Walking with Grace. As part of the weeks fund raising activities, I took part in a 5-a-side football competition… I’m still recovering.
I’ve never worked in an agency with the culture like that of Orange Bus.

As a team everyone works really hard for our clients and each other, but the sense of family really does take you by surprise.

When the #OBCharity week was announced, the team really pulled together raising over £1,500 in just over 5 days for two fantastic charities. With bake off competitions (which I won with my Honey Jack cup cakes), tuck shop, football competition and pub quiz, they guys really smashed it.

The football competition smashed me however… Our team managed to lose every one of the round robin games. Still the banter was fantastic and the teams that all took part made the tournament a great success. I just need to repair the hole in my foot that kept letting goals in… and my back, legs, arms hands… #knackered #unfit

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